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November 13, 2007


Chrissy Witt

Do tell!! Have fun

Llama Momma

Oh. My.

I'm speechless!! Remember EVERYTHING for us!!

The Eastsider

How fun! I can't wait to hear about it. I'm so jealous! What are you going to wear?


If it ends up being the favorite things episode, I'm sorry but I can never read your blog again.
Because I will hate you.

Unless you give me something from the show.
Then, I will really like you again.

have fun!!! and I'm a bit jealous I don't live in Stepford with all of you cool chics!

Adventures In Babywearing

OH MY GOSH- it could be the Favorite Things one!! No matter what it will still be awesome! I was in the Oprah audience ages ago when Paul Simon was on and Mark Anthony was there but not yet famous!



O my gosh. SO jealous. What FUN!!!!!!!


I can't wait to hear about this one. I'm sure if you win anything you'll be having a give away on your blog. You give. You're a giver. I know it. ;)

Just Seeking

You lucky dog!!!!!


I thought I was lucky with my radio contest win..but wow..that totally takes the cake..you lucky girl!~Have tons of fun...I hope it is the favorite things show...what wonderful loot you girls could get.

Karen C.

Oh. My. Gosh. I am never that lucky. Never. You suck.


I lived in Chicago a year ago and always wanted to go see an Oprah taping. How lucky are you!!! WOW!! Have a wonderful time. I will definately stop back to read all about it!

Lady by the Creek

Well, I was sorry to hear it wasn't the favorite things show. But a little part of me isn't since I didn't get to go. You did take a picture cut out of me, right?


Okay. Even though I pretend to be anti- Oprah's influence, I would totally up a chance to sit in her audience and collect free stuff. I hope you get a car. Or clothes. Or candy. Really, anything would do. Have fun!

Auntie April the Great

Happy Birthday early on your blog and Nana's. Wished I could have been there for your party and to go on Oprah. love you

Daddy Forever

Cool, my wife would love to be on Oprah. Especially if Oprah was giving away a bunch of stuff. So, did you get a free Porsche?

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