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November 12, 2007


Ornery's Wife

That cupcake did look tasty...


Yum! Cupcakes for everyone!


Mr. Tate called, he said you won't get paid for that one.


Those cupcakes look so tasty! I love finding local bakeries, they always make the best items! We have one here in DC called Bittersweet. To.Die.For.


The cupcakes are divine.
Perhaps I shall send some to work. Or to me care of work. Or to me at home. To me at home locked in my room with just my laptop and a gallon of cold milk. I'll just drop a rope out of my bedroom window for the delivery man.

They're almost too beautiful to eat. (Almost...I think I could get over my reservations.)

I Should Be Folding Laundry

Hey, next time we meet how 'bout some cupcakes on West Briar Place?

Can you be there in 15 minutes???

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