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November 05, 2007


Lady by the Creek

I am sure you already did, but be sure to tell your girls all the wonderful things you just told us. They will be better players for the rest of their lives, thanks to you and your patience to teach them all the "skills". It is just a score that is forgotten over time, but not the skills and definitely not the coach. You rock. Love ya.


Sometimes I think those kind of small victories are better than an undefeated season. You should be so proud you turned them into honest to goodness volleyball players.

They'll so wipe the court with everyone next year!

New Diva on the Blog

Record shmecord, skillz baby skillz!


That's OK. It sounds like you instilled some really good skills and life lessons into your girls.
Way to go!

Rufus McCain

I'm reminded of Kierkegaard's comment on Luther, that he (Luther) represented the easy way as opposed to Christ's way which is always more difficult. I'll get you the exact quote if you want it. (To bring this around to your question about Luther.)

Also, this is so applicable to life. So often I've taken the easy way (like these girls on the other teams just slopping the ball over the net) instead of choosing the difficult path that will be better for my soul in the long run.

On the other hand, and to get back to Luther, there is grace -- and we all need as much of that as we can get.

The Eastsider

Please don't grow up! That means, I will have to. I hope you will be able to coach my kids.

sheila heap

that's great. it's so rewarding for a coach to really see the progress you described, isn't it. Congratulations.

thanks for the compliment on my blog - i'm just learning as i go. still don't know how to do all the perilink and mr. linky and all that jazz but i'll get there.


What a great post, it is all how you play the game not alway the end result although winning does feel good -- it doesn't feel good if you didn't win because of your skills and with out sportsmanship.

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