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October 03, 2007


Capturing Today

There are 5 of us and laundry is not my favorite thing to do. Until the girls got older, I could keep it to once a week. Now, it seems like I do a load of something almost daily. We sort by colors - whites, lights and darks. Sheets and towels are separate and done weekly. My husbands farm and military clothing are separate and done as needed. I discovered that it is easier to do a little each day then a ton at the end of the week. I purchased those little mesh laundry bags that spring open from walgreens - each child has one assigned to them and there is one for the adults. As we fold, we sort into the appropriate mesh bag so everyone can take their laundry and put it away.

Llama Momma

No tips -- I'm a complete failure at laundry. Just wanted you to know you're not alone!!


I'm an utter and complete failure at laundry, so I am the last one who should be giving advice. However, I've found a few things that *help* with this struggle of mine. My biggest pet peeve is folding socks and underwear. Now each member of the family has 2 lingere bags ~ one for dirty, one for clean. Socks should NEVER be without their mate. The dirty socks bag goes into the washer and dryer and gets hung by a clothes pin to a hanger in their closets. Viola! No more matching and folding socks. I may add a lingere bag for everyone's undies too so I don't have to sift through them too! :o) Hope this helps.


I don't have tips -- I just try to do the laundry as fast as I can to get it over with. I do usually 2 or 3 loads every day instead of waiting for a big super laundry day (I don't think I could handle that). I cram too much in each load and am terrible at folding, so our clothes are usually slightly wrinkly, but clean. I'm OK with that.

Clothes nobody wears? I hold on to them for far too long in the hope that someone will wear them, then donate.


1. A day? 5-6 loads on the weekend.
2. Sorted by color. Everything is washed in cold water.
3. Um, slowly.
4. It doesn't overwhelm me. Vacuuming undoes me.
5. eBay or thrift shop. Goodwill box if neither of those.

Lady by the Creek

1. I do not do it everyday but at least 1 load every other and then when I am doing the clothes it is about 7 - 8 loads in a 2 day period. 2. I sort by person and color. All whites together, hubby and wife's colors (light and dark) together and then kids colors, plus a red pile. 3. As soon as it is out of the dryer, I fold it. I don't iron so I have to fold to avoid too many wrinkles. Getting it actually put away could take up to a week, when the whole process begins again. 4. I like doing laundry, it's a sick thing about me. And I think I have offered to help you with yours! 5. I donate the old clothes to friends with younger children. I love it when I see those kids and they are in the clothes my boys used to wear. I also donate to the American Cancer Soc. Not too exciting, I know.


In the spirit of the Grat Mofo Delurk, I will help!

1. Um, it's just me, so I do 2 loads a week. (ducks)

2. Color/temperature. Darks and lights. Which means 1 cold and 1 warm.

3. Again, just me. Not too bad. It's the 3 flights of stairs up and down to the laundry room that irritates me.

4. Not at all. I'm overwhelmed by MY stuff.

5. They sit in my closet. Or I donate them to Good Will.


Laundry? Yuck!
1. 1-2 loads
2. I sort by color, lights, darks, sheets and towels and a red/brown pile. Everything is washed in cold. Why? I don't know.
3. It sits far too long in the basket. Usually when Hubby yells "I don't live out of a laundry basket!" Then I usually answer "then learn to!"
4. I hate, hate, hate to do laundry. I think everybody should stop wearing clothes then my laundry problem would be taken care of. No, strike that. That would just be too gross.
5. We are having a huge yard sale Saturday! Or I call the Veterans Association. or I donate Peep's clothes to a younger friend.


We do one load every day or every other day, sorted by whites and colors. As each load is done, everything's dumped on the parental bed and everyone (two adults, two kids 7 and 9) helps sort and fold. The 7 year old gets help, but the 9 year old is self sufficient. Clothes that are still good but no longer worn are either taken to a consignment shop to be sold or donated.


you are not alone-- believe me. I too am a laundry FAILURE!!!


when I am on top of things, I do at least a load a day. the key is folding & putting away as soon as it is done.

Ann Kroeker

1. How many loads of laundry do you do a day? For our family of six, I try to do at least one load/day. But I also like to do a big catch-up day on the weekends (one load/day can't keep up), when possible, and get almost everything done (I try to get all the sheets changed and laundered on weekends, too).

2. Sort by person, color, or temperature? Color. We have one of those three-bin canvas sorters. Buy a nicer one, not a cheap one. Our cheap one is falling apart. One slot is for whites, one for darks, the third for reds. Yellows get tossed into a pile off to the side.

3. How do you manage to get it folded and put away?
See this post of mine. People seemed to love this solution:


4. Am I alone in being overwhelmed by it? No. Making it a daily habit helped me not be so overwhelmed. Getting the kids involved helped, too.

5. What do you do with the clothes that are still good but nobody wears? Give them away to people who don't have as much as we (I have a friend who works in the inner-city and she gives things directly to them, friend-to-friend). If the items are still good, it makes a nice gift instead of just giving away the cruddy old stuff. We also don't buy as many items any more. So what they have, they (should) really like and wear.

Anne Glamore

I've written about this here: http://tinyurl.com/329sl2 and it even has pictures!

My system has improved since this was written in that I keep a white and dark laundry hamper by the bedrooms and in the laundry room and have trained my boys to separate into whites and darks when putting clothes in dirty clothes.
I also have a boy empty the dirties into the launtry room each morning and evening and another switches out a load if necessary when he comes home from school.

I'm still averaging a load of darks and light a day but it's more organized and I have more help.

The Eastsider

Laundry stinks. I think we both need to win the Lottery and hire an Alice. For me, it seems like a never ending pile.

2.) I sort by color and temp.

4.) Overwhelemed - very!!!!


1. 1-2 loads a day
2. sort by color - I just posted on how I get my kids to do the sorting. I tried to link it but your blog won't let me. If you want to read it, visit my blog, click on 'works for me' in the label cloud and look for a 'laundry sorting' post. Here, I'll try a plain text link: http://adventuresindailyliving.blogspot.com/2007/09/works-for-me-laundry-sorting.html

3. Our six year old daughter sorts, folds (sorta), and delivers.
4. Other stuff overwhelms me, like sewing. Ugh.
5. Good clothes that are not worn get sold on ebay, or sent to the consignment store, or giving to charity. I don't like storing them.


Here's my two cents:

1. I only do it twice a week. I refuse to do it any more frequent than that, even if it means larger loads. I LOATHE laundry.
2. I sort by color (whites, lights, darks, and linens).
3. I don't very often, that's the problem.
4. No, you're not alone. Otherwise they'd call it fun mommy alone time instead of laundry.
5. I ignore the stuff nobody wears and purge it once a year.

Hope this helps!


I do at least one load everyday.
I have the canvas sorters too, but I bought 2 so I could break it down even furhter.
They're sorted like this:
lights (That aren't white)
reds (Or other colors that may bleed)

I wash whatever category is full, dry it and put it away that day. I hate doing laundry and this has really helped me to not be over whelmed. I used to end up with three loads in the dryer perpetually "Fluffing" and we'd have to run to get things out when we were dressing---not pretty when the laundry room is on the other side of the house! I can handle one load at a time!


1.Well, we are a family of 4, and we end up doing about 4-5 loads per week. I usually have one day that I do half of it and the next day I'll do the rest.
2. I sort by color, lights/whites, darks, and towels/sheets
3.I try to fold it and put it away as soon as it comes in off of the line or out of the dryer, my 6 year old daughter ends up doing most of it as one of her jobs.
4. Nope! The One thing that has saved me in the laundry department was majorly downsizing our clothing. With less clothing, I absolutely HAVE to do laundry once a week, so Mount Washmore doesn't become unbearable.
5. I keep a box or large shopping bag in the closet, that is constantly being filled with what we've outgrown or are not wearing. When the bag gets full, I donate it or I'll go through it and give the kids stuff to a friend.

Hope that helps! :)


Can't think of anything to post on my own blog, so snooping onto others, again.
i usually do at least one load a day, usually more, i sort by color - i wash some in hot/warm and some in cold, just depends. i bleach all undies and socks and t-shirts and dish towels. i hate folding and putting away, but i have a basket for each kid in laundry room and when basket is full, i make the kid of that basket put them away - also, each week it is a different kids turn to help mom fold laundry. they do a crappy job, If i have enough patience i'll make them re-fold some. someday, they will thank me, right?


1) How many loads? In our family-of-6 house, we have 4 laundry bins all on the 2nd floor (1 in our room, 1 in baby's room, 1 in laundry room, 1 outside laundry room...laundry is on 2nd floor)

We usually do laundry when 1 of 2 things occurs:
1) When the 2 bins by the laundry room overflow into the hallway and we start tripping over the piles
2) When Mommy runs out of clothes to wear

So, this means we do at least 1 load a day.

2) Sort? The clothes I sort by color: pinks (with 3 girls, 1 boy, we're heavy on the pink); brights; darks; whites

The linens I sort by type: sheets; towels

Also sort by stink: my husband's sweaty lawnmowing clothes and volleyball and softball uniforms are washed separately.

3) Fold&file? We have a great arrangement: I do the laundry during the day, throw it in a laundry basket (we have 3 of them), my husband folds at night while he's watching Sports Center. My older girls (8 and 5yrs) put theirs away, the younger (3yr daughter and 18mos son) I put away for them.

4) Arrgh? You are not alone in overwhelmdom! Laundry is a pain. It's just another one of those things where I try to find something I like about it. And I happen to like sorting clothes in big piles outside the laundry room. I may be a little obsessive-compulsive?

5) What to do with good outgrown stuff? Church, Goodwill, and friends with younger kids!
I organize all the clothes (out-of-season and hand-me-downs in waiting) in bins with lids, by size and season....e.g., 5T:Spring/Summer; 5T:Winter/Fall; 7/8Spring/Summer, etc.
When the younger girls reach a certain size, we go to the bins and see what they might inherit.

Great questions, great ideas from everyone!


1. 5 loads on Wednesdays.
2. By colour: whites, lights, strong colours, darks
By type: dress shirts (less or no ironing if taken out wet & hung to dry immediately).
3. At the same day. In a separate basket for every family member. (They also have their own laundry bin, so nothing gets left on the floor).
4. I'm not, but we're only a family of four. And I only wash things that are or smell dirty. Clothes stay nicer that way too.
5. After my youngest is done with it (we've got two girls) I donate everything to charity. An easy way to give away more (you don't feel in it your wallet) and it saves the hassle of internet sales (here in the Netherlands everybody sells everything on a kind of Marketplace) as well.

tammy b

i'm in the minority here....frankly, i'm always in the minority when this topic comes up, but i enjoy laundry. stop. put DOWN the pitchforks. i used to be normal, that is, until i got my fantastic, beautiful, godsend: a premium front load washer.
do you hear that?
what, you didn't hear that angel chorus? hmm, radio must be on. anyway, i've always had some pretty good laundry skills, with 3 girls, i try to pass clothes down from one to the next; thus i spray stains, whiten & brighten, use good detergent and cold water. i sort by color: white (or mostly white) pink/purple, dark blue & black, gray & light blue. sheets alone and towels alone but both on sanitize. i usually do maybe 1 load every 3 or 4 days - but my washer holds substantially more, so it probably comes out to 2.5 loads or so.

my downfall, is folding immediately. thankfully, i don't mind ironing. i don't fold underpants, just toss them in a drawer. socks are sorted but it's not biggy.

as for the clothes no one wears, by the time the 3rd girl is done with them, i'm tired of them and out they go. some to a consignment shop, some to a women's shelter, and some to the clothes closet at the school.


I do laundry about 2-3 times a week for 4 people. Usually I have one proper laundry day where I sort and stuff. The rest of the week, I'll just throw in whatevers dirty and go for it. I've only had one load go funky, so I usually just throw stuff in.

But the putting away... AHHHHH the putting away. Hardest part. Never gets done. Often just put new clean folded laundry on top of yet-to-be-put-away old laundry.


1. How many loads of laundry do you do a day?

One, sometimes two if I have to do sheets, towels, etc.

2. Sort by person, color, or temperature?
I sort by color. I do towels and sheets alone. Sometimes I'll make a load of whites that I don't have to worry about getting out of the dryer, stuff like socks and underwear, that won't wrinkle.

3. How do you manage to get it folded and put away?

I fold during the afternoon and put it away while we're getting the kids to bed. (I have three btw)
4. Am I alone in being overwhelmed by it?
I highly doubt it! I've had to surrender to doing laundry every day and putting it away most days. If I skip a day, it quicly gets overwhelming.

5. What do you do with the clothes that are still good but nobody wears?

Salvation Army.


1. One.
2. By person. My wife has a separate basket of her clothes that I am not allowed to wash or dry.
3. It takes time, and sometimes I have to put clothes back into the dryer to fluff them before I can fold or iron them.
4. Nah -- it's just 2 peoples' worth of laundry.
5. Unfortunately, we store them in closets instead of giving them away, which we really should.

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