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October 11, 2007



Here's my pathetic entry:

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Mom?


Jenny's t-shirt would say...
What? Shut up.

mother of 4

Lost the Race haha get chased by.. well u know the rest. Who luvs ya... I do

Beth F.

Well, I love the the look, it's WONDERFUL!!

Let's see, your shirt, I'm trying not to look at the other participant's guesses. When does this contest end? TONIGHT? OMG, THINK BETH, THINK!

I'm going to take a nap and get back to you, I've got to think on this because that $100 gift card IS MINE! :)

New Diva on the Blog

Sooooooo many things come to mind. This entry will be blog related as the one that I linked with comes from more of a personal knowledge of your Jennyisms. I am so torn, but here it goes...

It would say..........

"I digress"


OH yay!! I love me a contest.

If Jenny were to wear a slogan Tee it would say:

(in air quotes)
I'm kind of a big deal around here.


Pick me!!!

Everyday Mommy

The T..."I blog therefore I Mom."

Everyday Mommy

Or..."I Mom therefore I blog."

Kari C.

What a fun contest! Here's my entry:

"Saving the planet, one blog entry at a time"


Seems to me your Tee would have the Target bulls-eye with a bi-line from the Bishop.



Your honor, I respectfully request a continuance.

What? No? 9PM? Shut Up.

Okay...I'll think of something and be back by 9...no pressure!

Pam 'Oh Da Woods

I just found your blog.
Need a laugh? I'm trying to get my blog "out there".



Here's my best shot...

"Mommy wants to play a new game; it's called HIDE."

The Eastsider

Who Loves You?

I do!

Then with your smile underneath.


Oh Goodness, I'm back and there's even more funny entries.
I just linked up to you from my blog!

Here's my entry...
I (heart) My Sweeper

Lady by the Creek

I have thought about it all day and here goes...When all else fails...BLOG! That's it. Love ya and you can give me my card when I get back. :)

Beth F.

Okay, here's mine:

You think I'm sarcastic you should meet my Mother.


Love your new look. LOVE it.

I'm brain dead today. Seriously, nothing cute, funny and hilarious enough to match you is coming to mind.

I like Beth's.


"To blog or to drink coffee...THAT is the question."

~A lurker who loves Target

Lady by the Creek

Another one came to me. Visualize a shirt with a big hand that says Chased By Children on it and the shirt says.."Talk to the Blog".


T-Shirt: I'm a hot lunch lady

(this line just makes me laugh for some reason)


It's all Flaaauuuun-tastic!!!!


oh how fun a contest..well, I haven't been reading long enough...but I so love your princess coco's line of a few posts back..i think that would be fun on a t-shirt.

there are a lot of fun posts here, I bet it's going to be hard for you to decide!

Add Faith and Humor

Why would Beth and Crooked Eyebrow think "You think I'm sarcastic you should meet my Mother!" is funny?

I think your shirt should say, "Stand Back. I'm about to Blog!"

Love, your non-sarcastic Mom

Mrs. H

"Love it or hate it, it's really me."

(ok, I cheated and got this from your bio, but "love it or hate it" that's my entry!) ;-)

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