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October 23, 2007


rip, runnin and roarin

Sounds like you still enjoyed your party! It sounded like a good costume.


ugh - i never dress up for halloween! i guess i'm the halloween grinch ;-)

very creative costumes!!

Lady by the Creek

You looked great! Better than that one gal in a pumpkin shirt and baseball hat! I was so glad I could make it. Even if it was only until I could no longer stop coughing (nice touch to the classy outfit). You throw one hell of a party lady. Love ya.


So no actual pictures, huh? I can't believe your makeup took that long! I have yet to figure out a costume for 2 Halloween parties I am going to this year. Any creative/humorous suggestions?


I'll bet you looked good. That book was a favorite of mine. As always, the book was better than the movie.
One year I dressed up like a dalmatian puppy and took Peep trick or treating. I had a t-shirt with spots glued on and I wore my hair in pigtails and clipped puppy ears on over them. That was 11 years ago. Two of my neighbors still tease me about the "cow suit" I wore that year and have even asked to borrow it. They will never let me live it down. And I haven't dressed up since. :P

New Diva on the Blog

You most certainly did not look like Harvey Keitel in drag! Sorry you were so uncomfortable, but a great time was had by all I can assure you!


I think I'd like to be a slightly overweight, angry mother of three who wants to ignore her children and blog, but only after she gets home from spending all her husband's money.

Do you think Party City has a costume for that or should I just look in the mirror?


I bet you looked fabulous! I do admit to sweating just from reading your post, though. :o)


My head started itching just reading this post!
All of the costumes sounded fantastic. I am sure that it was a wonderful party.
Hope you are recovered!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Go you for doing that!

But where are the pics? You can't make a comparison like "Harvey Keitel in drag" and then not post pics.


Really? I bet you looked fantastic! Makeup is hard to wear to a party. I'm still trying to figure out what to be this year. I can't top I love Lucy from 2 years ago. It was perfect. Who knew you could rent costumes? I surely didn't. Hmmm...


Awww, no pictures? I'm dying to see the costume!!

Sounds like fun - halloween rocks, doesn't it?!


I too require a photo of this awesomeness...

Beth F.

Picture. Now.


picture now . . . Pictures Now . . . PICTURES NOW . . . PICTURES NOW!!!!!!

I too would like to see pictures, she said demurely.

Love, Mom


I'm always lame when it comes to costumes!! I'm stealing your blogger costume idea for this year....hehe....too perfect!


No pictures yet?


Too funny! Congrats on your great weight loss!


sadly the 100lbs of makeup and several layers of clothing reminds me of a bridesmaid moment I've had in the past, in august, in an unairconditioned church in the middle of the afternoon

you looked fab and should have gotten some votes!

Jen (More Than A SIngle Mom)

Seriously,you made a hot Geisha. It was daring, dramatic, and had your personality all over it girlfriend!

Daddy Forever

Be glad you're not Asian for real (you're not, right?). My wife had to wear a very heavy Asian dress during our wedding reception. It had to be at least 50 pounds with all those blings on it. During our honeymoon, I also made her carry me through the door.

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