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October 01, 2007


Add Faith and Humor

Boy, I remember this story well. Well, written -- catchy last line -- but, don't you mean "world"? Just asking, while I take a break from beating Dad's overalls on a rock by the steam. Next, I'm going to chop wood for the stove.


I don't think I have what it takes to be the President. I was once president of my neighborhood committee. That was all the presidentin' I wanted.

Lady by the Creek

Is the one who tried to slander you in politics? Sounds like she was made for it. I am glad her attempts failed, but unfortunately they have stayed with you since you still remember it. Although, I have heard recently that Clinton (Bill that is) is in the top 5 of all time favorite presidents, so maybe the slander wouldn't have hurt you anyway. Scary!


I think you would have made an excellent president, for what it's worth. And I laughed so hard at the image of your mother beating your father's overalls in the creek with a rock. That there is some durn good stuff.

I was going to be a scientist, FYI. Figured that wouldn't be a good career when I couldn't pass math OR science.

sheila heap

we are all scarred by our childhood/adolecent years in one way or another-dang, you would have made my kind of Pres.
though, i could never enter that political arena...it's an ugly place, but, who, maybe your influences will be far spread by the other things you do in life!!


I'm guessing it was either PTO/PTA or Junior League. Blech.

I was president of my children's preschool for two years -- a job I took with the greatest reluctance. I started an end-of-term countdown almost immediately. I know I'm be on the short list for the elementary school PTO president job next year, so I'm already preparing my not-acceptance speech.

New Diva on the Blog

Could you please refrain from panicking me with your titles?! For a brief moment I thought you were gonna talk about the H word and the presidency at the same time. Not. Good.

You know you would have gotten my vote!


Was it the PTO? Oooooh-oooh-ooh! The Garden Club? No, wait - Junior League, right? Hm. Now I'm curious. I think we need the story, here...

The Eastsider

I think you would make a great President. The Republican Nancy Pelosi, I can see it now. But then again, I'm selfish, I would like to keep you here.

Dorky Dad

I'm not president because everybody knows that I would TOTALLY abuse the White House bathroom privileges.

OK. That was lame. It was the only thing I could come up with. Truthfully, I'm not tall enough. But I do have executive-style hair that's starting to turn gray.


I can't believe that you made me serve all that time in the Marine Corps and aren't even going to make a run. I was looking forward to my appointment as Secretary of Defense. Oh well, I guess I will have more time to pursue my real dream of being the next American Idol.

Daddy Forever

At least you could run for president. Even though I'm a tax-paying citizen, I can't be president because I was born in another country. But you're right, who wants their world turned upside down to run for office?

Karen Vogel

I'm with you on the thin skin. I recently had an essay published in the newspaper here, and someone wrote an extremely condescending comment on-line, and I couldn't sleep all night. Ouch! Currently, I'm president of our (small) housing association (hard to explain, but just blame it on being drunk at our community bunko night); I just nod and smile whenever anyone comes to me with a problem and count down the days until I can foist this job on someone else. I'm no good at politicking.

Found you through Dorky Dad.

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