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October 29, 2007


Daddy Forever

Congrats! I would have given you the MVP award last week, but you guys lost to the 8th graders. You're lucky I still come by.

New Diva on the Blog

Hey sweetcheeks, I am formulating my revenge blog right now! Anyone remember this little award that someone got and didn't pass on?

Not that I remember it or anything.
Chi Chi gets "Ode to Chi Chi" and this is what I get? I'm telling mom!

More Than A Single Mom

Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness, OH MY GOODNESS.......I would like to thank all the little people that have made this award possible. If it wasn't for my fans, I would be nothing.............

Ok, too much??? Thanks funny gal! I love it. I shall make you proud and pass it on.

Lois Michael

Thanks for the sweet comment. You should post your stuff to help inspire the rest of us. Cute blog too...I laughed at your sense of humor....love your pumpkin costume!


Hi! I came across your blog tonight. Just wanted to let you know about a giveaway I'm hosting - come check it out! Have a great rest of the week!

Beth F.

I love the title of this post, it's very clever. You totally deserve this award, if you hadn't already received it, I would give it to you.

Thank you so very much for the award, I look forward to passing it along!

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