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October 01, 2007


Llama Momma

Okay, that is just wrong. Seriously.

Beth F.

Huh? You don't wear jeans?!?!!?


You seriously don't wear jeans????

Kristi B.

Oh please, pretty please, let me spend that kind of money on jeans, please!
Wait, you could be our next president (look out Hilary!) and you would sooooo be easily elected in those jeans!


I'm pretty sure it's OK to let a family of 5 starve in the name of bedazzlement.

I think they added it to the constitution.


Wow. That is just wrong. Wow.


Oh, my God..seriously? For anyone, to spend that kind of money on jeans, is ridiculous..even if I had millions and could afford it, I would just buy a bedazzler, some fake crystals and do it myself...still, $10, 000?
Gawdy! That is all I have to say....


I live in jeans whenever I can, but WOW is that a lot of cabbage!


I'm going to buy two. Do they come in maternity?

Good GOLLY, I have trouble laying down the change to buy jeans at the freakin' GAP!

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