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September 15, 2007


Hoosier Mama

This surprises me -- it seems like I see more red haired children than ever before. I hope they are wrong -- I love red hair.


Wait a second, I ain't no stinkin' red-head and I'm a blogger!!! I was a red-head long ago and far away, but that was a very sad story (see my very old post, "No Matter What it Looks Like, I was Never an MTV Video Hoe" (if I was a red-head, I bet I woulda made it easy and given you the link :) ).

Funny, a blogging friend of mine just died her hair red b/c she's always wanted to be a RH...maybe she read the article you're talkin' about.

Hmmm, I AM a read-head, does that count?

Is the longest, lamest comment EVAH???

Thanks for visiting this morning...nice to meetcha, Lucy ;).


Love the props for Aunt Lavender. She's still sitting in the chair in the kitchen, btw. All alone. MUST be the hair.


I just read a national geographic artical on the whole red head thing and was going to blog on it today, then I wandered over here and saw your post...so thought i'd comment on the small worldnish of things.


I, personally, have a niece and nephew with red hair. Not so unusual until you stop to realize that their mom is Irish, with black hair and fair skin, while her husband is Jewish and darkly handsome. The children? Red Hair, Freckles, and you'd never guess they were with the right parents.

Go Figure.


I heard it was blue eyes that were going away... And there ain't no Clairol for that! (Do they still make Clairol, or did I just totally sound like an old lady there...?)


Dude. We are here forever. Even if I have to dye every single persons hair myself.


Dude. We are here forever. Even if I have to dye every single persons hair myself.


Hmmm, I'm finding it hard to believe since red seems to be a fairly popular color to change one's hair color to. At least in my world. I've been red a few times and I love it! I guess that says nothing for the natural color except to say it seems to be a bit desirable.

Thank you for visiting my blog and laughing WITH me at my pity party! I was being such a dork that day!


I thought blonde hair and blue eyes were supposed to be going the way of the dinosaurs.

I have both, BTW.

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