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September 12, 2007



You were a lucky lady today! While I was trapesing through the park and playing Bratz during the afternoon that never ended, you were enjoying peace and quite...and ice cream!

Dorky Dad

Yeah, don't you dare fold anything. If you're child is asleep, then do not do anything productive. That's what the TV is for.

(I know you realize that, but I felt it important to remind you ...)

click it

enjoy it while you can, girlfriend. You'll be figuring out how to pay for college in the blink of an eye. Then you'll be making them neurotic cause you want to talk to them daily and worry about their safety!! If my children end up neurotic d/t my innocent and good intentions thats alright, isn't it? My shrink said it's ok!!


I seem to live for Roo's naps lately.
So, did you eat some ice cream?


One of the things that I'm proudest about as a parent is that I have three good sleepers and that they go to bed at 7:30.
Of course, that's their father's work, but I AM TAKING THE CREDIT.

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