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September 13, 2007



I too have mastered the Mommy look...and feel like I've completely turned into my mother ever time I give "the look".
Good luck with the manners...I think it's an uphill battle we'll all be fighting forever!


I KNOW! My girls only say ask nice after they've asked rudely and I've said, "Can you ask that again in a polite voice, please?" JUST ASK NICE THE FIRST TIME ^&@(%&(@^%!!!!

We almost moved to London once and I was sooo excited. I told Husband I was going to have kids while we were there so that they would have accents and call me "Mummy" ;-)

New Diva on the Blog

My favorite is when one sibling has to apologize to the other. "Sorry" is always said with such love and sincerity, it really touches the heart. NOT!


i love, love, love your blog - found it today and agree with your thoughts and comments, completely!

The Lowest Rated Blog

Good afternoon. Thanks for dropping by The Lowest Rated Blog. I like the "look and feel" of your blog. Keep it up. Have a fine evening.


Lady by the Creek

I had to walk away and dry my eyes for moment after the drive-thru comment. TOO FUNNY! Princess MiMi was nothing but polite at my house today. "May I please have a drink of milk Miss ChiChi?" All we can hope for is that our children have better manners at school and friend's houses than they do at home. Maybe they just save all their evilness for us moms at home. "Thank YOU very much", I say in a very sarcastic voice to them.


The "mom look" still works in this house.....even my husband crumbles. We have to use what we got!

Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog and I am so happy to have found yours...I'll be back!


My 10-year-old now tries to give my 6-year-old "the look." She has as much success as I do ... But maybe my Boy and one of your girls can go out sometime. They sound like they're made for each other! And that drive-thru joke? Hysterical!

Daddy Forever

When I give my son the glare, he makes a sad face and tells me I'm bad and he's going to take all my super hero toys. Hello, he's already taken all my super hero toys.


I used to give 'the look' to my daughter in church - when she came with her step-sister one Sunday, they kept looking back at me and snickering - they were both laughing at and ignoring the look - now her daughter does the same - paybacks are a b.... love your blog

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