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September 11, 2007



I'm sorry to say that I am not of the devoted Oprah following - and this is exactly the reason why. If anyone DOES have that much influence over us, it is our own fault. The fact that everyone is running for cover because Oprah has voiced an opinion makes me really mad. I will give you that the woman does a lot of good, but I see the problem here with a society that puts that much stock into what ANYONE thinks. Are people really that afraid to think for themselves?

Sorry. Didn't mean to spout off there. :-)

Lady by the Creek

I agree with Christie and I wish we were a country that could think for themselves a little more. Unfortunately, many are followers of those in the public eye and it is a shame that Oprah has taken her "fame and influence" and used it to endorse a particular candidate. I will still vote for who I want, but I know she will influence many. My only hope is that she may encourage those people to vote who would not normally, but also that they first look at all the candidates before choosing the right one for them. That is what she should be endorsing, the right to vote, not who to vote for.

Hoosier Mama

I wish entertainers would resist the temptation to use their popularity to influence the opinions of their fans.

Amen, Christie.

New Diva on the Blog

Ditto to all above.

Also, did you know that Oprah has not voted in a Presidential primary in over 20 years? Nice example.

I wish that celebs would keep their opinions to themselves for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which being that I normally disagree with them and then I have a hard time enjoying their work. Also, my concern with Oprah, as already stated, is that she is so trusted by so many who will probably TRUST that she has done all the research for them and will accept her opinion as fact.

Sorry for the doctoral thesis length comment, but as you know I have STRONG opinions about these issues!


Great post today! I am a watcher of Oprah when the topic interests me, (i.e. Nate's decorating!) and I've even run out a time or two to buy a product that she declared wonderful. But I have to agree, public figures like her should keep their politicial opinions to themselves. What is going to happen is that Obama will get a large number of votes from Oprah followers, simply because Oprah says that is who she is voting for. And, actually, I think that Oprah knows the influence she has on people and put her endorsement out there because she knew it would get her following to vote for the candidate of her choice. I just don't think it's right, either.


Ugh. Don't even get me STARTED about celebrities getting all involved in politics. Makes me soooooo annoyed. Especially when they try to speak and be all profound. (The celebrities, I mean. Well, actually some politicians too....)


I don't know what I think - I don't think it's appropriate, certainly, and I wish that celebrities would realize that the amount of butt-kissing they get does not actually make them experts on world affairs.

Daddy Forever

I don't watch Oprah, my wife loves to watch her show. I prefer Ellen. I just want to laugh. I have no brain and therefore cannot process anything of substance.

Beth F.

I appreciate a good Oprah episode and everything you wrote about regarding Oprah - I feel the same way.

But I do not appreciate her publicly backing a presidential candidate. I think it's a very personal thing and she should have kept it private.

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