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September 14, 2007


Lady by the Creek

Thank you for the rather "embellished" compliments. I forgot about the soup, I am pretty nice, huh? I love you and know you would do the same for me. I repeat, I know you would do the same for me. :)Your friend forever and beyond, ChiChi


Okay...this is scary! I posted about my friends today too. Are we channeling each other?? ;)
You are lucky to have Chi-Chi. I have someone like that too, who always bails me out with her perfect timing. Honestly, I don't know what she sees in me or why she is my friend...but I don't know what I'd do without her.

Jenny from Chicago

Full disclosure time: there was not one word of embellishment in that entire post (I really am evil).


I love friends like Chi-Chi!!

Thanks for you nice comments on my blog. Good to "meet" you.


Can I buy her? How much? PULEEASE share her. We all need friends like that.

New Diva on the Blog

I am here to concur. Chi Chi really is that great! Lucky me, I get to have her as my friend too. Yeah Me!

Chi Chi and Jenny from Chicago I love you both!


Chi-Chi sounds like a great friend and person. You can't find many people out there that loving. You are a lucky girl.

Paul Champagne

I never had a friend like Chi-Chi ... treasure her.

invisible neighbor

I've had a tough week in the neighbor/friends arena. No details, just assume it was ugly. Chi-Chi, chased by children and all the other Divas on the block are everything one could only dream about as far as supportive friends go when things go wrong. I love you ladies!!!

Hoosier Mama

Friendship is one of God's greatest gifts. You can never, never have too many friends. Of course, all of them won't turn out to be the wonderful, special friend that is described here, but they will all add to your life.

My very best friend, who I consider closer than my sisters, started out over 20 yrs. ago as just someone who was convenient to go out to lunch with because we worked close-by. Frankly, I didn't know her very well, but she didn't seem like a very interesting person. Certainly, not a good match for my witty self! Boy, was I wrong, and I would have missed so much if I hadn't gotten to know her. She is, by far, the MOST interesting, funny friend I have ever had. She can crack me up by just telling me the plot of a TV show. And, she loves me just the way I am -- even at my worst.

May all of you who read this be blessed with many, many friends, and at least one like my friend, Linda.

Look around you -- a "Linda" may be hanging around close-by just waiting to be your friend.

Daddy Forever

What a great friend! Sounds like you owe her big time.

Beth F.

That's it. I'm moving to your neighborhood.


I have a friend who's great like that -- she moved four hours away this year. I miss her!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


I think I love Chi Chi. She's clearly mastered friendship. Right on...what a cool tribute to her, too. Beautifully said.

my minivan is faster than yours

I would still like to win this competition. It's a competition right, and I can still win?!

I'm sending you a virtual gift card to a virtual adult bookstore. Did Chi Chi do that? I think not ;)

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