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September 09, 2007


The Eastsider

Oh Baby!!!! I can't wait to see it. Maybe you and King George can walk around your backyard showing them off and the Nudists will finally get the hint. LOL.

Kristi B.

You almost look better than the King! Seriously, where'd you get these?

Glad you found your new personal philosophy! (it's mine too)

BTW, I grew up in Chicago. The Dells, as kids, that was our MECCA!


Hilarious. The dells? Really - I live right next door to there! So if I see these tats in the area someday - I'll know it is you!

my minivan is faster than yours

To cool for school, my friend! Rock on!


You are rockin' that tramp stamp, girl!

Daddy Forever

I barely know you, but I think you're trying to pull my legs, ma'm.

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