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September 10, 2007


Lady by the Creek

All I want to know is A: Will the Metronap work with drowning out the screams of children? and B: Will Metronap look good in my family room? Great items this week. Thanks.


I hate shopping too, but living in Canada makes online shopping pretty tricky.
I want that fridge. Whooo.


I love that fridge.
It looks like the hand-me-down fridge (c. 1950) that my in-laws gave us when we were first married. Now I wish I had kept it and bought some high quality enamel paint. (They don't make 'em like that anymore. It was built like a tank and weighed about as much. I just couldn't get into that 'defrosting' regimen...which is unfortunate since it really cut down on all that mystery food that lurks in the back of the fridge forever.)

Kristi B.

Yes, I did read your "justification" for drinking at all. Hey, I'm ALL FOR drinking---trust me! but that martini night, not fun!
Love the shopping links!

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