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September 01, 2007


Hoosier Mama

I love Boggle too. And, the internet has made it so much easier to play games like this -- with NO "clean up" (putting pieces back in box and finding room for it back on the top shelf in the catch-all closet)! Also, no missing pieces (or ones chewed by a pet), no using an old kitchen timer when the one with the game stops working and no running out of forms (Yatzee). Wonderful!

By the way, if the Q's bug you, why not try taking out the cubes that contain them. You might create a whole new game -- "Q-less"


You'll be shocked to know I've never played boggle! Sad but true!

Jenny from Chicago

Dana, the easiest way to stop is not to start. Good for you.

The Eastsider

With this news, I think an intervention is needed. Just to let you know, the Eastsiders have addictions to Suduko.

my minivan is faster than yours

OMG, I KNEW we would hit it off! I heart Boggle, too. Granted, mine's not a life-altering addiction, but still...


Ummm. I hate to say/type it but I love to play the Boggle game on (blush) Webkinz's. This way no one knows I'm playing it....

Beth F.

hmmm....I loves me a good word game. I better click on that online boggle game now.

If I get addicted and I never blog again, it will be all your fault.


I heart boggle. I used to play it all of the time with my mom and gma. I'm gonna need to check out that online version....fun,fun,fun!!

New Diva on the Blog

I basically love all games! And Boggle is a mighty fine one, I have not, however, succumbed to everyday!


I'm addicted to Word Jumbles, which means I like word games. I had forgotten (it's true!) about Boggle, but now I'll get it out and dust it off and give it a try. After all I'm not "bothered" by mommy duties anymore. Wish my grandchildren were here to play it with me!

Brenda CurlyQ

Hi, my name is Brenda, and I'm a Boggle (online) addict. Do you suppose there is a support group for people like us?

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