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September 18, 2007


Daddy Forever

I wouldn't say a double standard. It's more of a random/selective standard. For instance, there was the woman who was asked to leave the plane because her outfit was too skimpy and they were a "family" airline. On the other hand, the very same airline use to make their flight attendants wear skimpy outfits too.

I don't think most people agree with Maher. It's just the people who seem to complain/scream the loudest that make it difficult for everyone else.

Hoosier Mama

I believe, unfortunately, that a huge part of viewing and listening audiences LOVE controversial opinions expressed in the media (e.g.,Kathy Griffin on the Emmys), but especially on talk shows. Controversy = interest. Unfortunately, Bill does seem to actually believe the drops of crap that drip from his lips -- so, yes, I do think he qualifies as an honorary, albeit non-productive, BOOB. This is the reason I tend to stay away from talk shows.

Llama Momma

Oh, you've got my blood boiling with this one. It makes me crazy that women can walk around half-naked and nobody thinks anything of it. But using your breasts for their God-given purpose? Scandelous.

I tell you, the world is upside down.

(And, for the record, I am not a breastfeeding nazi either. My third was bottle-fed GENERIC formula from four weeks on...)

Lady by the Creek

Bill Maher = biggest BOOB of them all! He was canceled off of one show a few years ago because he was such an idiot, but of course someone else picked him up. I couldn't breast feed, but admire those who do (for a reasonable amount of time, not 6 years). Bill needs to be careful when he starts messing with hormonal mothers is all I have to say.


I was a breastfeeder, but weaned all of them before they hit a year. I would not personally advocate much beyond that, but people can do what people feel they need to do in my book.

But what ROYALLY PISSES me off is when people act all offended and put out by breastfeeding; yet sound the battle cry over the poor hoochie mama that almost got kicked off a plane for showing too much of what god gave her. Seriously? We have come to that as a society? I am also sick and tired of celebrities shouting their opinion as gospel truths for the rest of us little people. WHO FREAKING CARES? What qualifies Bill as an expert in anything?

Just my two cents. :-)

David Wescott

Thanks for the link, Jenny - I think my wife's blog is the one that has the most constructive and helpful information. She's a women's health researcher and advocate. We live about a mile from the Applebees that started this latest ruckus.



You know, I've actually always been a fan of Bill Maher. But now, not so much. He was SOOOO off base, especially with his Hooters comment. A lot of us are posting on this, as well.


Beth F.

He's an idiot. If I ever met him I would trip him.

Well said, my friend.


Do you think he's trying to piss people off, like for kicks? That was my first impression - that he's just trying to goad people... because really? What an idiot - he couldn't be serious, could he?


Every time I read about people making stupid anti breastfeeding remarks, I am just baffled. Why can't we as a society get our minds around the fact that breastfeeding is good -- for mom, for baby, for everyone. Come one, everybody, pick on somebody besides the nice mommy who's just trying to feed her baby.


I am not a die-hard breast feeder either...I never walked around with a kindergartener hanging off my boob, but I did give it the old college try for a few months.
I can't believe your post. I had no idea! Bill Maher is a Boob, you're right on with that one.
It's insane how these girls walk around with their cheeks hanging out of their short skirts and their push up tank tops and yet it's the mom who is NOURISHING ANOTHER HUMAN LIFE, and probably covered with a blanket, that is "the bad guy."
And as for Facebook...they really need to get their head out of their you-know-where. Crazy!!!

Phew...you really had me all riled up there for a minute. I almost wish Rosie was still on the View...she'd tell Mr. Maher where to go. ;)



It's crazy that people are so incensed about breast feeding. I rarely nursed in public, but I did pump in a cubicle for a year - it was easier than trekking to the private room with a locking door. And I made a big speech at a staff meeting when it was all over - telling them that I was appreciative, and that I hoped they would be as accommodating when/if they encountered a pumper in the future.


Argh! Well you know what I think of Bill Maher now. He can kiss my ___.

New Diva on the Blog

Bill Maher is an idiot. What I would like an explanation on, is how we have become a nation where it is mostly the idiots that have the microphone. SO tired of the minority being heard all the time. It is time for the silent majority to get loud!


It was the attention bit that got my ire. Attention? Like we're whippin' 'em out, nipples in the wind for all to see. Do the covers slip from time to time? Sure. But there are far worse things you'll come across in an Applebees or on the street while you innocently try to have a meal. If a glimpse of pale side of the breast swell makes it tough for you to eat, Mr. Maher, I suggest you take your silicone enhanced bimbo and get thee to a private venue. Lord knows your date is probably showing more than us irresponsible, arrogant and poor planning breastfeeding moms.

Leigh Ann Simmons

Per your request, I'm providing a link to a post I wrote about breastfeeding:


Above and beyond any of the issues you mention, research shows that breastfeeding is better for both infants AND mothers. The health benefits are huge and have long-term consequences. But far be it from any of us to say that we should be concerned about the health and well-being of our women and children when we've got more "important" things to do with breasts - you know, like sell stuff.


I found your blog via Tales from the Scales. We are in the challenge together! Here we go!

Regarding this...I was bfeeding at a pool one day, under a beach towel, and the lifeguard told me there was a room I could go do that in. I was shocked. You could see more skin and body of the girls in string bikinis, than you could see of me under the towel in my one piece skirted swimsuit! I didn't leave and she didn't push the issue.

Kristi B.

I saw this episode too and was way PISSED. Unbelievable!

Llama Momma

Okay, after reading these comments I'm totally cracking up at the mental picture of a kindergartener hanging off my boob. Of course, I have two kindergarteners, so it's an even funnier thought.

Alex Elliot

I think the whole thing is crazy. Breastfeeding is not porn. What drives me nuts is that we're told that we're bad moms if we formula feed, but we're bad moms if we breastfeed in public or if heaven forbid we have the audacity to ask for breaks to be able to pump at work.


Hi there! Found you through Tales from the Scales. Welcome to the challenge!

Bill Maher is and always HAS been a complete idiot. Every time he opens his mouth, complete drivel comes out. And no, he's not just saying that to stir up controversy, he really is that much of a boob.

I was a breastfeeder, did it almost anywhere, but always discreetly. DD was about 18 months old when she weaned herself. Son was well over 2yo and it was a battle. :-) Most people never knew what I was doing. The militant breastfeeders that DO whip it out for all to see to make a point, tend to get things riled up unnecessarily. But it's basically because our society has sexualized the breasts that causes people to get embarrassed when a woman is feeding her baby. Pretty stupid.

Kari C.

Bill Maher is a total idiot! I was a proud breastfeeding mom to all four of my kids. If I ever found it necessary to nurse in public, I was ALWAYS discreet. As others before me have mentioned, most people didn't even know what I was doing. You see more skin on tv in a Victoria's Secret commercial for goodness sakes. People like Bill Maher are so ignorant that I feel sorry for them! Thanks for this post!


I will have to admit that I quit watching and/or caring about what Bill Maher thinks years ago, this was way before my youngest was born, so maybe 12 years.

He can talk all he wants but that doesn't make what he says hold any kind of truth.


I'm with Maggie. I stopped watching Bill Maher when Politically Incorrect moved off Comedy Central, way back in the stone age.

I always thought he was pretty funny, and the mixture of guests he used to get was AMAZING.

But as someone who nursed her youngest until she was older than two, I'm pissed off.

I'd tell Bill to kiss my ass, but it would be more evil to smother him with my giant post-breastfeeding udders.


My husband actually guest-posted about this subject at my blog.

I wish men (and some women) would finally get the message that when you insist a breastfeeding woman COVER UP, it is the same as telling her not to breastfeed at all. I have breastfed all three of my children and NONE of them would eat with fabric touching their face or head.

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