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August 30, 2007



My dryer easily takes DOUBLE the time of my washer. It just doesn't seem right, somehow.

Hoosier Mama

You could probably cut down on your family's frivolous use of clean laundry with one simple installation -- surveillance cameras. Like dash-cams in cop cars -- you might not be able to stop the crime -- but it would at least be easier to identify the "perp." Come to think of it, an intercom would nicely complement the cameras. Then when you saw desecration of clean laundry going on you could put the fear of God in them with a booming voice suddenly saying, "Step away from the folded laundry, and no one will get hurt."

Believe it or not, you will treasure these memories AFTER your children are raised. But, of course, for now -- not so much.


Nothing - and I mean NOTHING - makes me madder than washing clothes that I know are clean. It's bad enough we have to wash what's dirty...Ugh. Don't get me started!

New Diva on the Blog

"Honey I'm down to my last pair of tighty whities, could you please throw in a load?"

Them's fighting words!


Oh man, if only the laundry basket could remain empty for 2 hours I would be oh-so-happy.

It never ends.

Daddy Forever

Your husband is lucky. My wife doesn't do my laundry (I think she's defective).

invisible neighbor

Laundry is the one task I have convinced my 12 and 13 year old is an invaluable life skill that they would be the envy of their rather cool friends if they could master. O.K. I lied. The only reason they even do laundry is because their overburdened, overprocessed and overwhelmed mother can't seem to get 'er done. They consider doing laundry a survival skill because God knows a cool middle school kid can't be seen in the same outfit twice in a month.

Beth F.

Such a great post.

You get an "AMEN SISTER!"


I don't even get the "last pair message. My devoted husband will tell me that he wore his last pair yesterday and I guess I am supposed to magically wash and dry a load of clothes in the time it takes him to shower.

It could make any wife consider manslaughter.

Occasionally he will throw in a load of whites, but then leave them in the dryer to be folded. I say if you wash them you fold them.


I could definitely relate to this. I laughed when I read the Military school threat because I use this threat on a weekly basis.


I can sooo relate to this! Oh--I notice this got posted at 1:43 AM, were you waiting for a load to finish? That would be me.

I made some decisions recently: the 17 yo and 9 yo will be doing their own laundry from now on; any laundry that has been clean, but fell on the floor or was dropped, or the cat(s) slept on it, will still be considered clean by me and will be treated as such; and if someone needs emergency laundry done, they will probably have to do it themselves, unless they have made an appointment.

Well, it looks good on paper!

Kristi B.

I am just discovering your blog! oh man, can I relate to this laundry nightmare. Especially the part where the hubby asks "can you please do some laundry?" does he think I ever get a chance to do anything but?!

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