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August 24, 2007


New Diva on the Blog

Wow, I'm flattered that my line was worthy enough to be stolen! And you are right on point in your descriptions of how some, not us of course, room moms behave. It is still about the kids right?


I am a public school teacher. Room mothers can be my best friends or the bain of my existence. We joke in our school building about keeping a log of volunteer moms who need "real" jobs!

Rufus McCain

My goal is to become the alpha Room Dad and have all the Room Moms fawning all over me.


We had "SUPERMOM" as our room mom this year. She was room mom, in charge of fundraising, everything.

I just watched her run crazy, while keeping it VERY quiet that I used to teach preschool and was a professional fundraiser for a school.

I'm no fool. I'm keeping out of that arena!!

Lady by the Creek

My only validation that I was not the crazed "Room Mom" was at the end of the year when several other moms asked if their kids could be in my son's class next year so I would be their "Room Mom" again. IS that a good thing? I am not so sure.

Daddy Forever

I've never been a room dad, but I've seen some of your evil friends at our Park and Rec. Sometimes when they try to talk to me, I pretend I don't speak English.

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