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August 25, 2007


Daddy Forever

That's actually cool. Too bad it's not on YouTube. Did you wear your mask (author photo) to fit in with the other contestants?

New Diva on the Blog

Did you know that auditions for "Who Wants to be a Millinaire?" were held just a hop, skip, and a jump from us yesterday. Wanted to go, but it wasn't in the cards. Little did I know I had a famous gameshow contestant so close to me already!


I probably would have said something very similiar. I have a very "deer-in-the-headlights" response to high pressure situation ;-)

Lady by the Creek

You continue to bring a smile to my face on a daily basis. Love ya.

Hoosier Mama

These fleeting tastes of "the big time" are tantalizing, aren't they. This brings back "fond" memories of my "TV show" experience. As a high school sophmore in the 60's, I was selected to be one of 4 student panelists on a show provocatively titled "Communism Looks at Youth" moderated by a local judge. Only requirement - read J Edgar Hoover's book on Communism beforehand (I forget the title). Long story short -- didn't read the book -- it was me and 3 somber, bookish types -- my attempts at wit fell on deaf ears (there is NO subject that can't be made into a punch line, I always say) -- our "going away prize" was a piece of "art" made by the Judge from a gourd. What a hoot.


Too funny. But being on a show that never was is better than nothing! And your story reminds me of the written part of my driver's ed test a bazillion years ago: I said that the best way to correct after missing your exit on the freeway was to just stop and back up...

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