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August 21, 2007


Lady by the Creek

They are all beautiful, but more importantly confident and strong. Lulu has not let any of it go to her head, as far as I can see. And she, like her other two siblings, is beautiful inside and out. Their light/love shines from inside and warms us all. Worry not my friend, they will find their way. Love.

Lady by the Creek

And on another note, it did take me several minutes to remember which one of your beautiful children Lulu was, which should tell you how beautiful I think they all are. :)


Yes, I can see that's not a topic you can just talk about with anyone! :) But it's a very real issue and you are a great mom for recognizing that way ahead of time. I had 2 sisters and I would dare say we all had a label. My middle sis was the smart one and I was the funny one. Not sure what the oldest one way--the oldest one probably! But I think we were all about par in the looks department. I don't have any real advice except to say that your attitude to them will far outweigh what they hear away from home.


I only had a brother too, so obviously I was prettier than he was. I don't really have any good advice to give here. Both of my girls are equally pretty in totally different ways...
Somehow I think it will matter more in the long run that you don't single out her beauty than if strangers do.


not being a mom, but having a sister who was definitely known as "the pretty one", i can say it didn't really shape who i was. but that may have had more to do with me being older than she, rather than due to any self-assuredness on my part.

in any event--at least no one's calling anyone "the ugly one". so there's that...

Beth F.

Pray and worry, that's all a Mom can do.

Daddy Forever

I know how Princess CoCo feels. Whenever I post a picture of my wife on my blog, readers comment about how pretty my wife is. What am I, an ogre?

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