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July 15, 2007


Kristi B.

Oh man! this happened to me once. It was horrible! I decided to host a "martinis and manicures" party for just the girls. I had heard about it once before and seemed like it'd be fun. I've never really had a martini before though, except maybe a watered down cosmo at a restaurant once. Anyway, I bought all the fixin's and started pouring. I had no idea what I was doing! no idea! those drinks were STRONG. I had a couple of friends add Pellegrino to their's. Seriously. And another friend say that she should man the bar instead of me. I let her take over, of course, and maybe had one or two more. Everything was fuzzy. Very fuzzy. Then the party was over and I had to walk the babysitter home (while a friend who was sleeping over stayed with the kids)and let me tell ya, I have no idea how idiotic I must have sounded to her! and then, even though I don't think I've ever done this in my life before, I passed out (in bed) without brushing my teeth or changing my clothes. Now that's bad! Later, I decided that if we really felt we needed another girls' night in, the theme would be Pedicures and Pellegrinos! (no more martinis for me!)

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