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July 13, 2007


Rufus McCain

I took the bait and checked out your blog. Nice work. Was the March entry for real, though? Are you keeping a chore chart and threatening boot camp and such?

I, too, am a convert from Lutherans who believe Vatican II almost succeeded in making the Catholic Church Lutheran (and so are only mildly horrified that I joined up with the papists).

I'm also the more fervent party to my marriage (a sad commentary on fervency) having twisted my wife's lapsed-Baptist arm to get her to sign up for RCIA concurrently with our engagement and now having to drag her to ass to mass, mostly.

We have two girls, too, one who'll be four in November and the other freshly minted. So I'm interested in the advent of this blog and the apparent defeat of the Oprah-inspired get-tough program.

Sister Honey Bunch

I am a recent Catholic convert too! I am so happy I found your blog.

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