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January 27, 2010


Rock Chef

Then let's organise one! We could call it "Marital Aid"! :-)


Witty yet profound. Heartfelt. Wise.

Chrissy Witt

soo true! I am not divorced, but many times I share the divorce of my parents always stating "they are much better divorced than they ever were together!" I pray for you constantly, I pray you see what a wonderful heart you have and that you are validated in your career and that you are also validated in your choices, every one that is in front of you and behind you! Your absolutely beautiful, inside and out!! I can say that! I have met you and read you!!

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Yeah..I have noticed the same thing. But WHy the people do so ? Now a days , Divorce has become trend. In Our India, The people just hate these kind of people. They believe in living their whole life with only one person.

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I hate divorce. Especially after 18 years! It sucks. This has to be possibly one of the best posts that I have experienced in a really long time. You have covered the topic thus hitting it straight on the nail. I will positively have to include this as one of my top picks.

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