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February 10, 2009



In all honesty, my ex-husband is not a jerface, dinkface, whatever. Completely, anyhow.

But for me, this space is to get out the anger, frustration, weird thoughts...you know?

And if my children should ever read ANY of what I say? I think that as adults they will realize that parents are NOT infallible...and we do have feelings, and just because @ one point we thought their dads were jerks, does not mean that we are terrible moms. It just means we were human.

Love ya:)

New Diva

I can't wait to read the book! But that means you will have to buy mine to, 'kay?

Llama Momma

Heck, I'm not even divorced and sometimes my husband is a jerkface.

So there you go.

Chi Chi

My thoughts and prayers are with you every second. Wish I could be there to have a drink with and hug you. I love and miss you and hope all is progressing as best it can. Love you.


I've been reading your blog for a week or so. I've started my own - not nearly as good as yours - but I did put you in my blogroll. I hope that's ok!


I have to ditto whoever said that I am not divorced and my husband can still be a jerk face.

Can't believe you are going to make us wait for the book. Awesome marketing tactic! :)

In all seriousness, I hope you are weathering this transition as well as possible. Hugs!


Oh I am so glad you are taking it back! I was feeling so unworthy because I DO think my ex is a jerkface. As for my kids, I tell them that I don't think their dad is a jerkface.....I just think he is ACTING like a jerkface. That way it isn't about them or their genetics. Oh and before everyone gets all ready to stone me.....the therapist has given me a thumbs up on this one.

Hang in there! It gets better....at least that's what they keep tellin' me.

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