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November 30, 2008



Ummm, slump fixers? uhhhh focus on the positive, so cliche!! Anyway, bet in a couple days you will return home from work, realize all you have accomplished at work, get close to home realize all the accomplishing that went on there this week, you will give in just for a moment to the unflat tummy and come in and hug and kiss those girls of yours and hubby will unexpectedly say something sooo totally sweet and the slump is POOF OVER!! How's that sound!! Ok, let me know how this works for you!!!


This may sound stupid to you, but I always feel better after I have spent more time than I usually do on myself in the bathroom. Such as (but not limited to) shaving all the necessary (but not always gotten to) areas, taking a long bubble bath with candles and wine (by yourself), giving yourself (or treating yourself to) a manicure and pedicure, applying your "going out" makeup just because. Just overall pampering yourself because we all deserve that every once in awhile. Hope you find that mojo ( I just typed mofo - thank goodness I corrected that before I hit post!)

Daddy Forever

You could move to the Pacific NW. Everything is perfect over here. We even have indoor plumbing in Oregon now.

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