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February 14, 2008


Amy F.

Wow, this is an awesome giveaway. You're VERY generous!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!


Wow! Such great prizes. I would love to enter your drawing. Thanks!


These look like great goodies! Pick me!


Flowers, chocolate and a nice T-shirt?

Am I in heaven or is it valentine's day?


OOH chocolate truffles? You had me at the truffles!!!

tammy b

that's a lot of love to spread!
happy heart day


by far, this is the best give away week, ever!


Wow! How super-generous are you???? Happy Hearts Day and thanks for all your generosity, even if I don't win a single thing this week. You have my mind wandering for things I can start giving away other than books. What a great inspiration you are!


Wow! Your fantastic!


Happy Valentine Day J, may you spend it with the people that you love the most....

How's that for super serious?....write that one down in blogger history....

Must be the lack of Merlot......


Yeah! I would so enjoy this!

Jenny Live & in Color

Such fabulous prizes! I'll be back again tomorrow, too!
Happy Hearts Day!

Shannon L

How fabulous is this? ABSOLUTELY! I am crossing my fingers and hope I win!

mrs ski

A tri-fecta? it's as good as a three-some.

I love ya baby!!

happy Valentines day


Happy Valentines day!

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