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January 17, 2008


Sister Honey Bunch

Oh, I'll be winning this contest. I'm leaving Beth in my dust! Congrats on rounding the corner to 200!


I'd name the give aways:

Who Loves You Baby?!

Also, a Target giftcard is never boring!:)


Ch-Ch-Ch-Chaser Giveaway

(You obviously have a thing for "ch". Chicago? Chased? Children? Cheers?)

Besides, I've got the byline: Valentine's Day leave a bad taste in your mouth? Have a Chaser!

Sister Honey Bunch

To the tune of Jenny From The Block (or Blog):

I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block

Used to have a little, now I have a lot

It's my 200th post so let me, let me throw some love your way.


How about: "Winning Jenny Money"
shorted to "WiJeMo"

You may have gotten your athletic ability from your Grandma, but you got your "quick wit" from me, chitlin! ;)

Love, Mom


Yes, I know the word is "shortened."



After her spelling gaff, she thought, "Maybe I'm not as quick witted as I thought!"



Is this open to Aussies as well?. I have been lingering on your blog for a while now.

I'v been known to think up a few good names after a few good reds !!


I posted here http://laughter4daystocome.blogspot.com/2008/01/its-not-texas-tornado-but-i-think-it.html


Ok here is my submission for the "name that series"...

Five Day Philanthropy-o-rama

Rufus McCain

Five More Days of Christmas at Chased by Children

Rufus McCain

I posted a link to this at korrektiv.org!

Chi Chi

Here is my (hopefully winning) entry.

Showing the Love to Children Chasers Everywhere

Erika N

The Five Fabulous February Freebie Festival

AKA The 5 F's or the 5 days of F.


I found you through Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - that Charlie will such anyone into her sight, we all need a new puppy :D

A name for your give a way....

"The Five Days of Love"

It's getting late but I'll post about this at my blog for you for a second entry :)


I posted at my blog about your contest and you can find it here:


Sister Honey Bunch

Five Days of L-O-V-E Give-away. (I'll be linking today!)


The Feb Five

What? Shut Up!


The Feb Five

What? Shut Up!

I Should Be Folding Laundry

The Jennypalooza Giveaway Extravaganza

I love long titles.

AND I posted on my blog. WHADDUP.


I suggest the following:

A Week of Love: Because Every Girl Deserves to Feel Like Cinderella


Humm... I'm not very inspired this week...

Jenny's Favorite Things*
*legal disclaimer: not affiliated with Oprah's favorite things because if Jenny could afford to give away that kind of stuff, she would have a gazillion blog readers chasing her.

Tina Miles

How about Share the Love: V-day Give Away.

I'm so uncreative and horrible at this. I just had a guilt trip by your next post (the number of looks and then going away without leaving a comment). Yep, I was one of them! Because of that uncreativeness.


"It's What You Adore: Giveaways Galore"

And oh, I found you through that slogan-whiz Beth :)


Yeah I looked PW up in my google reader the other day, actually prior to your post about her taking your comment'rs :), and sure enough, over 2100 subscribers.

That KILLS me. Anyway I have no imagination what so ever. I just know you're pretty and funny and are willing to brighten up valentine's day for those who probably otherwise wouldn't be getting much love around that very much commercialized day.

So Here's to You and your 200th!

CELEBRATE good times giveaway!

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