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November 13, 2007


Chrissy Witt

OK notsomuch looking forward to ever going to the Oprah show. I never knew there were bad seats there! I knew some of her shows were notsogreat but that is what the remote is for! Happy to hear you gals made the best of it! Oh yea, Happy Early Birthday! Whenever it really is!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm still jealous. You got to be in the same room as Oprah. That's pretty sweet.

Adventures In Babywearing

I watched today's episode after catching your blog- what you've said is RIGHT ON. You are too funny. Glad your day ended right!


Lady by the Creek

I know you are trying to make me feel better by telling me the day actually sucked, but I am NOT in any of those pics with my girls. Looked like a lot of fun to me. Friends are more fun than Oprah anyway. :(


Glad your day out was saved by a good lunch. You all are beautiful!

Llama Momma

You are all beautiful!! And I'm kinda glad to know Giada's food sucked. I mean, really. How much can a gal have going for her all at the same time without being sickening?

More Than A Single Mom

I may or may not be EXTREMELY jealous of you for going to Oprah. I may or may not have been praying to the Orpah Gods for years to send me there.

The Eastsider

I was looking for you. I think all of you deserved to be in the front rows. Some of the front rowers looked like, lets see a kind word....DOGS. I'm glad you had a good lunch, you all still looked like you had a good time because you were amongst your friends!


If y'all weren't considered front-row material I don't know what is. You guys look mah-velous! Sorry it was suckfest, but glad you had a great lunch. It's always about the lunch, isn't it?


So you went to Oprah and all you got was to taste some food? No gifts? Nothing?

Obviously they seat the pretty ladies in the back row. Oprah hates competition.


Yeah, that about sums up my feelings on Miss O. DISAPPOINTING. I'm glad you didn't leave there as a newfound O-Disciple. I was worried about you.

At least you kept your wits about you and drowned your sorrows in a good lunch.

Karen C.

Well that sux. But now onto the important stuff...how cute is Nate in real life???

New Diva on the Blog

Thanks for including the picture that makes me look like I have enormous double chin, that is just the icing on the cake.


This is so great. You are totally my hero. I have been wanting to the Oprah Show. She is coming to Macon, Georgia which is near my hometown. I don't have tickets. Now, I feel so much better. Thanks for lifting my O spirit! P.S. I tried to trackback to your site -- but am still relatively new to blogging -- I hope that I did it correctly.


How disappointing!!! But yall DO look gorgeous. Glad you had fun anyway.

I Should Be Folding Laundry

First of all, you ladies are all very lovely. The fact that you sat way up high was merely an oversight. A mistake. A huge error.

Secondly, and most importantly...you did get something from the Oprah show, something huge. You got bragging rights that you even attended an Oprah show. And that my friend is worth it's weight in gold.

Of course, this is someone who has received free crap from Oprah.


I would love to go to the Oprah show.
I heard form a friend of mine that she has a "shoe person" to come and put her shoes on for her once she is on stage. I need a "shoe person." Heck I would just like to have her shoes and I would happily put them on myself.
And Nate is hot and my hubby thinks Giada is hot.

sheila heap

great report - you know, you're not the first person that i have hear give this kind of report about their "O" experience.

kinda disappointing, isn't it.

just a little heads up - i also heard from a good source that Ellen isn't so geat either.


HA!!! Some wise blogger stole my ?.....Just exactly how cute is nate in person?????

And YOU ALL look fabulous, btw!!!!

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