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September 07, 2007



I know that show is for people with different opinions, but I had to (almost) quit watching. The things that those ladies say. Rosie was the worst. Elizabeth is a close second. They got me way too worked up for 11:00 a.m.



Your analysis is spot on!!

New Diva on the Blog

A: You do rock, I tell you that all the time.

B: Amen Sister to your "View" analysis. I for one am sick of most of Planet Hollywood being on their liberal soapbox all.the.time.

C: You would make a great addition to the gabfest, but only if you promise to devise a way for me to be a guest! ;)


What a fun post! I don't watch very often, too much drama for me at 10 in the morning!


Oh, so glad it's not just me that feels the same way. I enjoyed Rosie simply because I was so busy being annoyed with her that I forgot how much I couldn't stand Joy, Elizabeth, and Bawbawa. Remind me why I even watch? (Which I really don't all that often, but still.)

Great post. Get yourself on that show. They need some common sense. STAT!

Lady by the Creek

Well, I have pretty much decided I will not watch anymore. I had stopped watching when Rosie started ranting and was going to check out Whoppi. But now, I think I will just skip it. Unless of course you get on the show.

mother of 4

i vote 4 YOU!!! i'm calling Babs.

The Eastsider

I think you would be an awesome co-host. I agree, it is not the same.

Beth F.

Oh gosh.

I hate that show.

I hope she announces some hot guy with his shirt off. I would totally tune in then.

my minivan is faster than yours

I will ONLY watch that show if they tap YOU. Rosie wore me out on her own show. Okay, she loves Tom Cruise. Got it! Oy!

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